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SoundLab is a mobile audio editor.

You can copy / cut / paste / delete / insert audio range, apply effect to range or configure global output effect like a charm.

Reliable core editor plus video mixer and voice recorder, SoundLab can be an effective component in your media production toolchain.

- AudioEditor Engine: unbeatable performance and stability.

• Sample level editing, support edit range which minimum up to 1 milliseconds length.

• Keep copy / paste / remove operation has same accuracy and speed no matter the operating range is milliseconds level or hours level.

• Support unlimited Undo / Redo.

• This engine is using and maintain in desktop broadcasting product from 2015 till now.

- Intuitive UI: optimized for touch screen

• Support scroll / zoom waveform with finger pan / pinch gesture, select / resize / move select range with finger tap and pan gesture.

• High performance Waveform, support stepless scaling.It use as timeline in normal, and can be use as oscilloscope by zoom maximum.

- Effect: apply to range or apply to global output

• Apply effect to select range immediately, support Undo / Redo, repeat or overlay.
Pitch Lower
Tempo Slower
Fade In
Fade Out
Vocal Remove

• Apply to global output on-the-fly, as a post-process.Take effect when preview or export file.
Change Tempo

- Import and Export

• Import media file from iCloud Drive

• Record audio file and import

• Export AAC or ALAC encoding m4a file, save to iCloud Drive, share with AirDrop or other apps.

• Compose Tool:Simple audio and video mix tool, help you produce video with your audio editing works.

- Customer Support

• In app user feedback forum, discuss with other users and get help from us.

• Contact us using email

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